What stops me from being more creative?

published on February 20th, 2012 · more from the blog →

- "modern" distractions, tv, twitter
- motivation
- marketing
- lack of people to share with
- lack of positive reinforcement
- lack of space / materials
- cost, can't afford to do expensive stuff as i'll never make my money back, is this just an expensive hobby?
- addressable market - people don't have a "need" for creative stuff, but people don't "need" an iPod, they desire it
- exposure - how do i find the people that want what i'm selling, etsy is a good place for selling, difficult to build a brand though
- skills, how do i *easily* learn to sculpt / paint / whatever?
- mastery of required skills, surely only the best of the best at a skill can make good money? is there a market for averagely skilled pieces of art?

ideas i've had in the past regarding art
- enable school-leavers to sell their artwork online
- 365project.org does a good job in supporting creativity, the community give lots of good feedback, users that dont participate in the community are far more likely to drop out than those that get support, how can i replicate this in another market?