Trekky Trekky

published on April 8th, 2009 · more from the blog →

We got up early this morning thinking we were infor a gentle trek and
some nice scenery, never expecting to have such a crazy day.

We got picked up at 9 by our guide Noom, he was born on the mountain
we were about to climb. We picked up a few other guys from their
hostels, a nice couple from Switzerland and 2 Canadian firefighters,
we headed to our first stop, a butterfly farm, that was pretty lame,
we then moved on to a local market where they were serving loads of
cooked bugs and odd offcuts of pig trachea, intestines etc. Rach and I
took the safe option and just got some Oreos. Ha!

After a short drive we arrived at 1st base, we started walking and
after about 5 minutes were faced with a mountain, the only way was
straight up, the guides cut us some bamboo walking poles and it got
hotter and hotter and tougher and tougher as the day progressed.

We eventually made it to our first stop after 2 hours of gruelling
heat and extremely tough terrain, Rachel had to be helped out quite a
lot but we were here, a bat cave, unfortunately batman and robin were
out but we did see a few of the little critters hanging around.

The guides had been collecting plants all day for our dinner and after
another 2 hours or so of trekking we got to the village where we would
be spending the night. I tell you it was such a relief, mylegs were
about to give way and we desperately needed more water.

We're staying in a little bamboo hut with about 10 beds side by side
on the floor (very cosy). The first thing we wanted was a nice shower
and what we found was interesting to say the least, imagine an open
bamboo hut with the worst toilet you've ever seen, now imagine a pipe
up the wall next to it with a tap that shoots out cold water. The
shower was brief but refreshing, we would have washed in anything
right then.

After a short relax and a cool beer dinner was served, we all sat
around a huge table, the food was amezin and there was enough to feed
us 4 times over.

After dinner the guides and there friends from the village joined us
for drinks (one villager got very drunk and was singing to Rachel ..
"Baby i loooooove yooouuuu" it was so funny. A few of them played
guitar whilst teaching us some puzzle games with matchsticks.

Then the thunder storm came, all of a sudden we had a tropical
downpore and wind that could blow you over, our clothes and towels we
had out to dry scattered everywhere and even the locals said they'd
never seen it like this! So now we are tucked up in our beds looking
forward to tomorrow when we should be elephant riding, White water
rafting and jumping off of waterfalls before returning to the hostel