Travelling - What's Next?

published on November 12th, 2009 · more from the blog →

Night Night East Perth on 365 Project

So for everybody back home I should probably fill you in on what I'm up to over the next few months. We've been lucky enough to find a nice little apartment in East Perth (pictured above). Rachel has gotten herself a job and is raking in the money working as a receptionist at a printing firm. We're planning to spend Christmas here as we've decided to spend our money doing other things, not to mention that travel over crimbo is about 3x the price it normally is.

I'll quickly list our planned itinerary, this takes us up to getting back to the UK next March

1) At the start of February we'll be jetting off to Melbourne for a few nights.
2) From Melbourne we'll be zooming over to Auckland (New Zealand), from there we are planning on Camper-vanning or bussing around both islands for 2-3 weeks before ending up in Christchurch.
3) Christchurch -> Sydney
4) Sydney -> Singapore (just for a stopover) then Singapore -> Mumbai (yep India!)
5) From Mumbai we need to get to Delhi
6) In Delhi we'll be meeting up with a load of other people and a "guide" of sorts who'll be taking us all over the place for the next 3 weeks.
7) Hopefully we'll end up back in Delhi in one piece, from there we have to get a flight back to Mumbai again, then we fly Mumbai to Heathrow on the 22nd March.

..or something along those lines! I think we have about 8 different flights booked at the moment, which brings the total for this year to 13! My carbon footprint is bigger than yours :-p

As I mentioned we should be getting home about March 22nd or 23rd. Currently I have no plans for what to do when returning to the UK, I hope I wont be hanging about too long (just a few months), travelling is just too much fun and the UK really sucks.