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It's nearly 7pm and we have made it on to our train, currently "speeding"
our way to Chiang Mai. So far it has been incredibly bumpy and noisy,
thankfully the iPod keyboard is really good at guessing what you are trying
to say. I really hope it flattens out a bit through the night.

We should be on this train for over 14 hours (there's been a delay), luckily
we have a nice American guy next to us called Evan. He's a bit of a geek web
developer with an ipod touch too so been chatting away to him and drinking a
few bevvies. Dinner will be arriving shortly, I'll let you know how (or how
not) to eat soup on a bumpy train!

...1 hour later...

Ooook then 2 interesting experiences, soup was rubbish so eating it was not
neccesary, the majority of the rest found it's way ok.

The other was the little squatty loo whilst on a moving train. I now have a
new low for toilet hygiene comparison purposes.

Our bunks have been set up and Rachel is on the top (I convinced her top was
best, muhahaha). They are pretty comfy but the train is still bumpy as
anything. I really hope that Rachel doesn't spot the cockroaches before we
go to sleep! Tonight will be interesting!

... In the morning...

Ok well sleeper trains suck, they should be renamed try and sleep but fail
miserably trains. Managed to get 3 or 4 hours sleep but like a half hour at
a time. Rachel spotted a cockroach but we were pretty much up by that point
anyway, was rather funny and she's paranoid now LOL.

On the plus side the view from the window is pretty amazing, heading through
large farming plains with mountains in the distance. Banana trees and tiny
kids riding mopeds to school.

Just been informed we have about 30 minutes left which means we've now been
on here 15. Not sure what we are going to do in Chiang Mai today, maybe go
temple hunting, will ask at the hostel when we get there to drop our bags