The Paradox Of Choice

published on November 21st, 2011 · more from the blog →

The Paradox Of Choice has never been more prevalent. In a sentence, it's when having too many choices leads to anxiety and as a result, you do nothing because you are afraid of making the wrong choice.

For months I've been meaning to transfer some cash to a higher rate interest bank account. This week I received a letter from Nationwide (Bank), it contained a double sided leaflet spanning 6 pages, I counted through and there were 37 different savings account choices. Needless to say I didn't read all 37 and instead opted to do nothing. They lost a sale right there.

Then by chance on Saturday I was on my Lloyds online banking and there was an ad for a Savings account, 2.5% interest, access your money any time, I clicked on it, ticked the T&C button, and I had an account open within 30 seconds. Sure this might not have been the best rate of interest for my money, but it was easy and clear and open.

Making choices simpler for people will help them and help you.