So Hot!

published on March 31st, 2009 · more from the blog →

Today we've walked a marathon and more. We started off by heading to the
train station and what looked like a 10 minute walk on the map turned out to take us over
an hour.
We've booked ourselves a sleeper train up to Chiang Mai tomorrow, they were
all sold out of first class so we'll be roughing it, luckily air conditioning is still
available - it is so hot here you can not believe.

We then caught the underground train up to the north of the city where the
largest market takes place every weekend, the scale of this place is amazing, we were
totally lost the whole time, dodging in between street vendors and huge shanty areas with low
roofs and no ventilation, packed with everything from paintings to cookware to clothes to puppies!

After all that rushing around we headed back to the hostel via the sky
train. We grabbed a bite to eat this evening at the night market at the end of our road. We
went to a real locals "restaurant" where nobody spoke English very well, we were coersced
into ordered some pork and rice - the old "waitor" was hilarious, I doubt they get many
westerners in there. The food was gorgeous as we have cone to expect, even though the
plastic stools were half broken and there were bugs on the table lol.
I should point out now that our meal consisting of 2 soups, 2 mains a large
beer and a sprite came to 190 baht beat that Tesco!

The Thai are fantastic people, everybody is friendly and they are always
smiling and laughing, very accompdating to is us backpackers, England would never be
like that, they hate the Welsh let alone people from the other side of the world, I don't
feel too bad about invading this country as there seems to be a mutual understanding that
we will be touristy and they will do there best to sell us as many novelty lighters and
laser pens as we can carry.

We've now returned back to the air conditioned haven of our hostel, Rachel is typing away
about something so check her blog too.