Shoot The Hippo - An HTML5 Game

published on October 2nd, 2011 · more from the blog →

Shoot the Hippo is an interactive HTML5 game.

Tom Bowden (@TomBowdenCRO) of Shoot The Hippo fame recently asked me if I could create him a simple game for his Conversion Rate Optimisation blog, Shoot The Hippo.

After approximately 20 seconds of brainstorming over skype we settled on the idea of shooting Hippos in the head after they pop-up from an onscreen lake.

Although the game only took a few hours to actually make, it has proven to be quite a hit in the office.

Shoot the hippo game screenshot

- The techy bit

The game is made using the canvas element, part of the new HTML5 specification which allows 2D graphics to be drawn and controlled through your web browser. This is the first project I've undertaken using canvas. For the first time in a while I really enjoyed making this game, because I wasn't focused on making the best graphics and didn't have to worry about how the code would scale or if it was abstracted enough or if it could be reused, I just got on with creating something a bit fun and not worrying about it. This left me to make the game in a few hours and just enjoy the process.

I hope to bring you some more small projects like this, too often I try and do something big and get bored / distracted / unmotivated half-way. This project had a real focus and no expectations which made it a fun weekend project.