Recycled Cardboard Lamp

published on October 2nd, 2011 · more from the blog →

Recently I've been attracted to the more eccentric household items, and due to a lack of lamps in our house, and my keen fondness for the table lamp, I decided to design and make my own.

I first thought of making my lamp from circles of stacked plywood, finished and polished with the edges on show so you could see the layering effect of the wood. With the limitations of living in a flat firmly in mind, I decided it would be easier for me to model the lamp first out of cardboard, achieving a similar stacked effect without the hassle of buying expensive tools to cut the wood.

Once I settled on the idea of using cardboard it actually seemed like a better idea than using wood, it's widely available as a waste material from packaging, meaning it's basically free and 100% recycled. It would also be recyclable once I get bored of looking at it.

I cut each individual layer of the base from corrugated cardboard I sourced from the packaging of some patio furniture. I took each layer and glued them together using PVA, I then drilled a hole through the centre of the whole structure for threading the cable for the lamp fitting (also recycled). I cut a larger hole at the top of the structure to wedge the fitting in.

- The Shade

The lampshade again is made from recycled card. I was a bit lost for inspiration on what to do with the shade, having such an attractive base I think the basic square shade lets it down. I have a few ideas for different shades that mainly include much more wrist-aching knife-work for cutting it out. I will post an update when I get this done.

All in all the lamp is almost 100% recycled, the only thing I purchased was a £4 energy saving lamp, as I didn't want to use the inefficient lamp that came with the fitting.