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It's been a busy day already, we arrived at the station 3 hours late and
hopped into a tuk tuk, our hostel was a bit of a shock to begin with, it's
like a student house with people and stuff everywhere, as we arrived a group
of rather loud girls were leaving and making a right fuss and we wondered
what we were walking in to.

We got chatting to Hayley and Ryan in the living room and decided we'd all
head out for a full body Thai massage they had heard about at a womens prison!

After a very long and confusing tuk tuk journey (driver got very lost -
twice!) we arrived and oh my god it was amazing, I've never been felt up by
a female Thai prisoner before but I sure can recommend it. The little thai
lady (about my age) laughed because my body kept cracking so much, I thought
I was falling apart when she put me in all these random positions and pulled
me about, it was really good, digging elbows in and finding nerves I never
knew existed. Lastly she lay behind me and picked me up backwards on top of
her with her knees! I swear your body isn't meant to do that, my back was
making the oddest noises.

Try at home tip: pull your toes (in a pull my finger type way) it feels so

After that unique experience we headed to a little local restaurant nearby
and the 4 of us had a cooked meal and a drink each for a total of 173baht.. you can live like a king here!

We've booked ourselves onto a trek tomorrow and Thursday (camping over night
in a forest somewhere) we'll be riding elephants and water rafting as well
as lots of scenic walking and what not.

Think we'll spend a while chilling at the hostel then head to the night
bazaar tonight for a wander and some food.