Last Week In Thailand

published on May 8th, 2009 · more from the blog →

So we finished our stay oh Phi Phi and made our way via ferry to Phuket, we had no idea where on Phuket we wanted to go so picked somewhere from the lonely planet guide. We settled on Kata which is one of the quieter bays, it still had it's fair share of Go-Go bars and dodgy markets though.

To be frank I wasn't so keen on Phuket, it's a big place and one of the very touristy islands, everywhere was expensive resorts and family restaurants, the traditional Thai places were nonexistent here which I think is a shame as surely that's why people go there on holiday? it kind of opened my eyes to how holiday makers could really get a different experience of the country to the one we have had.

However! there were a few perks to Phuket, we got dropped by minibus to Kata bay and started walking to find a hostel when we came across a discreet allyway with a sign for Rico's Bungalows, it looked well expensive but they had a special on for 800baht a night, now whilst this is more than we have paid anywhere else... My word was it nice, we had our own little chalet 3 steps from the private pool, there were only 23 rooms and they all had glass fronts looking into the quad around the pool, this place was so nice that the next day I didn't bother to leave at all, the poolside with comfy leather loungers and all the sun you could ask for was enough for me!

We stayed here for 3 nights and on the last night Rachels friend Leigh came to visit, he only arrived in Thailand that day after 2 years in Australia partying. We chatted til late and drank a bit too much.

The next day we were up early (to my horror) as we had 2 planes to catch, the first was from Phuket to Bangkok then after a few hours in Bangkok we were on our way to Sydney, Australia - how exciting!

It's a real shame to have left Thailand, it's such an amazing country in which I could have stayed forever, fabulous food, great destinations and the nicest people you'll ever meet. I've truly had the best time here, from riding elephants and climbing mountains to scuba diving and partying on the beach we have sooo many brilliant memories to take with us.