Krabbi / Ko Phi Phi

published on April 19th, 2009 · more from the blog →

After our amazingly fun catamaran trip from Koh Tao to Chumporn (they didn't show the end of high school musical, what happens?) - we jumped on a bus, then another bus, then eventually arrived in Krabbi, we went for a lil walk n found a half decent hostel (we got air con as a treat too) to rest our weary heads for the night. We got washed up and headed for the local night market, it was nice, pretty tourist free as well, I ordered a green curry and the lady asked if I wanted spicy, I said yes and wowsa did I get spicy, definitely the hottest meal i've had in Thailand (possibly ever!)

We hadn't really decided which of the islands we would head to first so we had a little read of the bible and decided on Ko Phi Phi, it's a tiny island but with a huge tourist trade, it was one of the worst affected areas by the Tsunami because of it's very skinny shape between 2 mountains.

So we headed to P.P in the morning by ferry (boats are quickly beginning to rule our lives) and arrived by lunchtime, we had gotten talking to a girl named Yaneka from Yorkshire on the boat and decided to head for the hostel she and her 2 friends were staying. They were all very nice, a Canadian called Char and a Californian called Lauren, the hostel is a bit ropey, but it is real cheap.

That afternoon we went on a boat trip around the islands, we visited the beach from the film "The Beach" as well as doing some snorkeling, seeing some fishies and laughing at the old Swiss guy in Speedos who had picked up a young Thai guy... very very odd.

In the evening we all headed out for dinner and a few drinks, went to a bar which doubles as a Thai boxing gym (as you do) and watched some people beat the hell out of each other.

On arrival back at the room you would have thought Rachel had seen a body or something, alas it was just a cockroach, she kept tip toeing around looking for bugs for ages, she woke me up in an unnecessary panic 3 times that night!

After a few hours sleep we woke up to another gorgeous day on a tropical island, it was so hot by 10am even the locals were stripping off and sweating, but us Brits are made of strong stuff so Rach and I thought it was a good idea to climb to the highest point on the island (only a few thousand steps up to 189m).
At the top there was this cool local guy who I got chatting too, he was abnormally interested in our royal family and the F.A cup (don't ask me why). To get down from this highest point is either back the way you come or over the other side of the mountain through the jungle, yes people... for some reason we chose the jungle in 40deg heat, we eventually made it down to this tiny little bay on the opposite side if the island where there was a beach bar to grab some lunch, now at this beach bar I learnt an important lesson about culture, I fancied a cheeseburger right, I know it's cheating and I know better now because what came out was a burger with no meat, just cheese. I guess I'll have to wait for a while before I get a proper burger.

Luckily for us the bar owner offered us a cheap lift back to where we were staying using his funky taxi boat, I don't think either of us could have made the walk back without severe pissedoffness.