Just Ship It

published on February 8th, 2011 · more from the blog →

I've wrote in the past about the benefits of just getting your project done and out there.

When I watched the Facebook Live video featuring Laurent Desegur from Zynga it was so refreshing to see a techy inside a real company with real budgets and time constraints saying they bodged it together and shipped it.

Most technology talks are about these crazy new programming languages and millions of dollars of investment capital they spent reinventing the wheels in order to make a website about cats load 0.005s quicker.

The talk from Laurent however was on how his team at Zynga used HTML5 & Javascript features to make the latest Mafia wars game work on both iPhones and Android devices. Basically Laurent implied they hacked it together using the technology that's already out there in a short time-frame with a small budget, because in the real world, that's how companies make money!

Many developers are sitting in this new .com bubble waiting for venture capitalists to give them squillions to develop the latest new thing, when really they should be focusing on making a profitable business, shipping it and getting some revenue in!

As Jason Fried said in his recent post...

“When it comes to valuation, making money is a real obstacle. Our profitability has been a real drag on our valuation,” said Mr. Fried. “Once you have profits, it’s impossible to just make stuff up. That’s why we’re switching to a ‘freeconomics’ model. We’ll give away everything for free and let the market speculate about how much money we could make if we wanted to make money. That way, the sky’s the limit!”

All the technology in the world is useless without a profitable business to keep it going, no speculation, no reinventing the wheel, just get it done and start making some money already!


Update: OK I know Zynga have a reputation for stealing games bah blah, this isn't about that, it's about getting your project done and out of the door with the smallest amount of fuss and cost. You can still innovate, but do it in a place that makes a difference, make a better product, make a useful product.