How Self-Obsessed Is Twitter?

published on August 22nd, 2014 · more from the blog →

A few months ago I started to wonder how "normal" people and "celebrities" must use Twitter differently, celebs get loads of mentions and people are always sending them tweets about how great they are. I wonder if any of these celebs Favourite the tweets they get sent?

Turns out... they do!

So I wrote a little script that scours through Twitter searching for celebs (I used "Verified accounts" as a synonym for celebrity) and then I counted up what percentage of their last 200 Favourites mentioned their own name.

After looking at over 170,000 accounts, it looks like Verified accounts have over 2x as many favourites of themselves as the average unverified account.

And thus the "Self obsession ranking high score leaderboard" was born! Check it out, and some analysis by visiting the mini-site...