House Sitting in Adelaide

published on August 8th, 2009 · more from the blog →

Ok so here are a few moments from our time in Adelaide...

We spent 2 months looking after Jill and Ians house, we were put in touch with them via Rachels family in Adelaide, we looked after their 2 cats Paws and Cass. After that we stayed with Linda (Rachel's relative) for a week or so.

Night Herron on
Hector the Herron was a common sight in the back garden scrounging for cat food.

Port Noarlunga
Port Noarlunga
This is where the river at the end of Jill and Ians garden joins the sea.

Gone Fishin' on
This was my first ever fishing trip and the first fish I ever caught

Sasha Dog
Sasha is Lindas dog, such a cutie!

Goodbye Party on
Time to say goodbye to everbody, went out for a nice Vietnamese meal. From me clockwise: Rachel, Linda, Dorris, Jill, Laura, Sally, Ian and Stephen.