Flashbacks Of A Fool

published on April 18th, 2008 · more from the blog →

Flashbacks of a FoolA really good, touching British Movie, set mostly in the 70's this is about Joe Scott a failing Hollywood actor played by Daniel Craig who "sees the light" (so cliche), but in spite of that this is a really unique film that gets you thinking.

The director (Baillie Walsh) obviously knew his market perfectly as the first 15 minutes are basically just Daniel Craig walking around naked. Fortunately this doesn't last throughout the whole film.

Special note deserves to go to Felicity Jones who plays Ruth Davies, a young sweetheart who Joe Scott (Harry Eden (Young Daniel Craig)) falls for. Her acting is great and she, along with the awesome soundtrack really expresses what the 70's must have felt for teens, glam make-up and a very funny Bowie scene.

Flashbacks of a Fool is one of those films that really makes you appreciate being young, and if your of an older generation than myself would probably bring back some good memories.

Got to be a 7/10 from me.