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Wow, last night was mental! The thunder storm lasted through to the
early hours, the sky was lit up with lighning and loudest cracks of
thunder I have ever heard, it was like a bomb going off.

We woke about half 7 and blearily made our way outside where we had
yet more rice and veg to eat for breakfast, thankfully there was toast
and jam so that went down well.

We set out about 9.30 and none of us wanted to walk another step,
regardless we had to (unless we fancied staying on the mountain).
We walked for half an hour and fortunately it was slightly easier
(still harder than anything I've ever done before, but easier none the
Our first stop was at the elephant camp, these beasts are crazy big,
we got on to the little seat they put on top and started riding
around, it quickly turned out that our elephant, Misuzu, was going to
be particularly mischievous and fancied going for a meal, we went a
bit off course and after a light snack (a few trees!) we met back with
the others, the driver (what do you call an elephant driver) let us
get out of the seat and sit on the elephants shoulders with our legs
behind its ears as it walked along, it was pretty fun, they're a
really odd texture and have long prickly hairs, there's a bit behind
their ears that is really soft too - random.

Next up was a few more hours of walking through the jungle, our guide
Noom almost caught us a snake! At some points we were walking along
these little mud walkways about 8 inches wide next to a very big drop
down the mountain.

You can not understand the relief we all felt when we came in sight of
the river and waterfall we were stopping at next, we hopped over 2
small logs over the river and stripped off before jumping in from the
top of the water fall, it's only about 4 or 5 metres but it looks a
lot higher when you have to jump from it. We managed to persuade
Rachel to jump too, check out her blog for a video.
It was the best feeling ever to plunge in to that river, cool down and
wash all the jungle crap off.

After a little waterfall shower and a swim we had yet more trekking,
yay, here the group seperated as 2 of the guys were doing a slightly
different itinerary.
We continued on until we got to a small farm in the middle of nowhere
yet it still had running water, electricity and satellite tv! crazy,
there were 2 tiny little puppies crawling around playing with baby
chicks, it was surreal.
I was completely screwed by this point, did not want to go 1 step
further and felt pretty sick, I think the lack if sleep and no meat
made me feel pretty bad. Luckily this is where our truck was picking
is up.
We drove for about 40 minutes and arrived at our next activity, white
water rafting.

The river we were going down was quite small but the rapids were fun,
if a little slow, we got stuck a few times and it was pretty good to
have all that water to cool down in, after the rapids we jumped onto a
bamboo raft that took us further down the river for 15 minutes into
some civilisation.

As we were going down the river it was so cool, there were monks and
children playing in the water and we had a little water fight with the
kids. Everyone is alway so happy here, it's amazing. We passed under a
few guys building a bamboo bridge over the river, fascinating stuff.

This was the end of our little trip and we arrived back at the hostel
an hour or 2 later, sooo tired buy we could not go to bed, it was the
hostel owners birthday so we all went out for a meal n had some drinks
(from a bucket).

So that's about it. Laters peeps.