Doi Inthanon National Park

published on April 8th, 2009 · more from the blog →

Today we booked ourselves in to a very touristy tour to Doi Inthanon national park, we got picked up about 8.30 and started out on a 2 hour drive south of Chiang Mai.

Our first stop was at the highest point in Thailand, it's about 2500 metres and unfortunately there was little to see as it was quite cloudy. At least we can say we've been there, the temperature that high was about 8 degrees so pretty nippy compared to the 35+ days we've been used to.

Next up was a Mong market where there was plenty of freshly grown produce to buy, Rach and I went half on some sliced melon, so refreshing.

We grabbed some lunch and got chatting to a nice Chinese couple in the tour with us, they were nice people and kept apologizing for their "bad" English.. Better than my Chinese ;-)

So after that we headed to a small village and it was quite uncomfortable, for me at least, I'm sure these guys don't want a load of tourists walking round taking photos of how they live, I'd be right annoyed if someone did that to me. Some of the women were
weaving scarves and table cloths, these take a week or more to inish and sell for 250baht (£5) at a market. Rough deal.

Next up was a few waterfalls, the last one we visited was pretty hugemongous, must have been a 25 or 30 meter drop, was pretty amezin so I jumped the barriers and went for a little paddle to cool down.

On the way back Rachel fell asleep and I have a hilarious photo, I'll try and get it up on flickr soon.

Tonight we've just gone to a few bars and enjoyed a few beers with out 100 baht spaghetti bolognese.

Chiang mai is preparing itself for the new years festival next week and I think we will both be sad to leave it behind, it's been so nice here, will have to come back, the people and atmosphere is awesome.