DIY Ring Light

published on January 29th, 2008 · more from the blog →

Those of you that have the great fortune of putting up with my random ideas will know that of late i've been playing around with a washing up bowl, various items of tupperware and lots of tin foil... I've been making a DIY Ring Light, you can see the making and a few sample pictures over at Gallericious or on my flickr page. And yes, I know this picture to the right is well sexy!

So I havn't posted much in the last few weeks and loads has been going on. I've had a few nice packages in the post from ebay bringing me brand new toys.. A flash softbox, a new 50mm lens and wireless flash triggers that are a bit poo but only cost £20.
I've also booked yet another holiday, this time to the Caribbean island of Antigua... its gunna be awesome! Cant wait!

Well, until next time... Please don't have nightmares!