Coomera Springs and Noosa

published on May 18th, 2009 · more from the blog →

After a short bus ride to Surfers paradise we met Rachels friend Andrea, she took us back to her place in Coomera Springs, she and her family moved out here about a year ago and have settled in really well, her husband Steve is a bigwig at Coles (like Sainsburys) and they have a nice big house with Spa, outdoor pool, 4 bedrooms and the largest ensuite I have ever seen. There 2 kids, Jack and Callum were funny, we went and picked them up from school and they are all Australian.
Staying here was a bit of a luxury for us smelly backpackers and we really appreciated the decent shower and quiet bed for the night.

We couldn't stay long so next day we were back on the bus and heading for Noosa heads, Noosa is a town on the coast with a load of rivers running through the middle of it, the area is really quiet and small and quite spread out. We booked ourselves into a hostel by the river, got a double room which is nice. We met a couple that night and they were doing a surf lesson the next day. That sounded like a good idea so we booked ourselves in too.

$40 for a 2hr lesson is pretty good and it turned out to just be the 4 of us and was good fun, The "instructor" Sarah took us through the basics and hazards and we were out. I managed to catch a few waves but it's a lot harder than it looks, you need a lot of upper body strength to get yourself up and my arms soon began to tyre.
I don't think Rachel was too impressed with surfing and halfway through she got up and went and sat on the beach, preferring to sun herself and watch me fall off instead.

The next day we went to Australia Zoo which is owned by Steve Irwins family, the zoo was an hour or so away by oach and we had some discount vouchers too and thought it was worth going to as we were yet to see and real Aussie wildlife.

The zoo was pretty good, we watched a few feeding shows and visited the "Crocoseum" to watch a crocodile being fed. Crocodiles get ginormous and you would not want to see one any closer, this 5m long thing got out of the water an it was just amazing, there jaws have up to 6000lbs of force which is what they reckon T-Rex would have had, it's mental. There were load of other cool animals about, we strokes Kanaroos and Koala bears but my favourites were probably the Otters that were sisters and did everything together, they were great fun to watch.

I found the zoo to be a tad creepy as it's like a big memorial of Steve and his photos and videos are used everywhere, I guess it's all for a good cause though.

We didn't do much else in Noosa, just chilled out and lazed on the beach mostly, we watched the sunset over the river one day and had a little walk around some of the yuppier areas