Chef Ross

published on April 8th, 2009 · more from the blog →

Today we have been to our Thai cooking lesson, the head cook and owner of "The best Thai cooking school" came and picked everyone up, we all squeezed in his van and drove to the premier food market where Permpoon showed us how to pick out the best ingredients.

Try at home tip: buy small eggs they are from younger chickens and taste better.

We tried a lot of the veg at this Market an they had pink eggs, if you ever cone across these run a mile, they have been slow cooked in the ground for months and look all brown and rotten inside... Not nice! He also showed us the correct way to check a pineapple and garlic and tomatoes an onions and all sorts.

We continued out of the city to Permpoons house, within a few minutes we knew this was going to be a fun day, Permpoon was hilarious, such a nice guy, he confirmed to us that he was not shy therefore had many children, haha, he also has a very comfortable sized house with the school out the back.

We met a few people we had seen before and lots of new faces. The kitchen setup he had was good, we each had our own little gas stove, chopping board, knife and pans.

We started out by going through the basics and he showed us how to make sticky rice (the local delicassy you roll up and dip into sauces).

We then made a load of dishes each, they had little pots with all the ingredient in and we just ha to use the ones for the dishes we wanted and follow his lead, he was very well organized and made the day really enjoyable.

We made spring rolls and the dipping sauce for them, they were amazing. I also made sweet and sour chicken, Thai green curry, Pad Thai, and Mango and sweet sticky rice.

The last activity was cooking with fire where we used a wok to make stir fry and burnt our eyebrows off with 3 foot pan flames, check out the pics and Rachels video, so much fun!

We then all got to sit down together and enjoy the dishes we had made. Fantastic day, learnt a lot and filled my belly, what more could I ask for?