Byron Bay

published on May 18th, 2009 · more from the blog →

Arg, that bus journey sucked. 13 hours up from Sydney, luckily we managed to get a few hours sleep. When we arrived in Byron it was like stepping back in time, it's a small town with a hippy surfer vibe to it. There are loads of little shops, only a few chain stores, all the buidlings are 2 story or less, it's nice.

We went for a walk and found ourselves a decent hostel called the backpacker inn, it's right on the beach and we managed to get a double bed in a 4 person dorm which is also nice, sharing with 2 Swedish guys. The first day we went for a little walk and got some shopping along with some Mexican fast food (such a good idea). We visited the beach which is just huge, it's golden sands and rolling waves stretch as far as you can see in both directions.

That night we got chatting to a guy and he recommended the walk up to the lighthouse, it's about 3km and the weather was nice the next day so we set out, we eventually got to the lighthouse and also visited the most easterly point of Australia whilst we were there (it's very exciting) - then the heavens opened, we were stranded up this cliff in the pouring rain and cold wind with nothing but shorts and tshirts. It was rather funny and so we settled down and waited for the rain to calm, we got talking to the guy that ran the ice cream stand and fortunately he was heading back to town and offered us a lift, we were obviously very grateful, his name was Adam and worked for "In the pink" ice cream shop so well done that man!

Next day we thought we would just chill out on the beach and as our hostel had free bodyboards to use we thought we should make the most and have a go, the waves aren't huge but big enough to have a little splash around in, I was surprised how well Rachel managed to get on, only complaining a little bit about getting dunked.
In the evening we decided to head to the cinema as the weather wasn't great, we watched "The boat that rocked" as we had been wanting to see it since we heard of the release back in the uk. It was very good and I enjoyed seeing a decent British film.

So now we're on the bus heading north to surfers paradise. we are meeting a friend of Rachels who moved out here last year, think we'll just be spending the night there and then moving on again up to Noosa Heads in the morning where hopefully there will be less rain :-)