published on March 31st, 2009 · more from the blog →

We finally landed in Bangkok after our 10 hour flight, it was nothing
special but we both managed to get some sleep. I think we were both so nervous about coming away
for so long, but once we were at the airport it was obviously the right thing to do.

We got a taxi to our hotel without being totally ripped off which was good.
Was very sleepy and dehydrated when we got to the hostel so just crashed out for a
bit. Room in the hostel is really good, if a bit out of the action.

We got talking to a guy in the lobby who had been traveling for 7 months, he offered to
show us around a bit so that evening we headed into the Khoasan area (on a tuk tuk - so
fun) which is where all the backpackers hang out.
We found a little outdoor restaurant and had a decent Thai curry, the 3 of
us ate with multiple beers for under 10 - bargain, the night progressed with many more
beers which helped us sleep through til 11ish.

Next day we caught the sky train and a taxi ride to the grand palace (the
largest temple in the area) it was so hot about 2pm I nearly passed out, an ice lolly
helped the situation. From there we walked to the river side and haggled ourselves a
boat trip around the canal waterways (still think we were ripped off), it's amazing
how some people live on wooden huts suspended over the water.

We then walked over to the khoasan area we had been before and grabbed
ourselves a bite to eat and a few beers.

Now back at the hostel and we're ready for bed, think we're heading for a
few markets 2moro and to book our train to the north.

Night y'all