Back from France

published on January 14th, 2008 · more from the blog →

Woo! I'm back from France. Skiing was good fun, take a look at all the pictures on Gallericious.

Our Apartment in Maison d.. suttin french, was ok, quite dated but it was good enough and with the addition of a pokey stick (for changing tv channels) it had just about everything we needed. Unlike some of the other guys we had space to move thanks to just Mark and I sharing a 6 person apartment between the 2 of us.

The bars and clubs were always packed and there were loads of places to go out and eat. The Piste was pretty good with the exception of the last day when the gondolas were closed due to massive amounts of wind.

Something I did notice in France was the complete lack of anything. Ok so there's the Alps and there's Paris, but apart from that, is there anything there? However, what there lack in things to do they make up with the dodgy TV. Basically the TV in Europe is fab, everything's dubbed from the early 90's and the few shows they do have in French, like the wheel of fortune are really kinky with women in short skirts getting hit on by the presenter, what more could you want.