6 Great British Podcasts

published on January 21st, 2009 · more from the blog →

From a young age I've been afraid of podcasts, one night I came home and caught a podcast... well it doesn't matter what I caught the podcast doing, it still hurts to think about it.

So, I'm not a huge podcast fan, its difficult to find decent content and life is busy enough without having time to listen to someone going on about something incredibly boring for half an hour. However, in my travels I have discovered a few podcasts I listen to regularly, all born and bred in the UK! All of these podcast are available on iTunes.

Answer Me This!

Answer me this is a fantastic infotainment podcast where the 2 presenters, Helen and Olly, (and Martin the sound man) answer listener questions and generally have a laugh, witty English humour ahoy! Very good listen on a thursday.
Website or Facebook page.

BBC Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy

This is a fairly recent addition to my list of podcasts and has not disappointed. In there own words: "Bringing you both The Now Show and The News Quiz from BBC Radio 4. Enjoy a satirical take on the week's news with the cream of UK comedy talent."

Traces of Nuts

Traces of Nuts is another comedy podcast, however this one takes the form of an audio sketch show. Having read their website I see they have some fairly big names writing and working for them (I thought it was fabulous without ever knowing this).

Stephen Fry's Podgrams

I don't think this podcast really needs any more publicity but, it's a decent listen if you're into stalking celebrities. :-p

Hosks Half Hour

Now this is a bit of an odd choice, it's some guy ranting about all kinds of random stuff. Not 100% sure if I like it or not, it's odd, but I still listen.


Boagworld is one of the biggest podcasts aimed at Web Designers and developers available. Whilst you do have to put up with Mr Boags appalling attempt at being funny, it does provide some insight and interviews with the latest from around the web.

Any podcasts you guys n gals could recommend would be great to hear about! Leave your suggestions in the comments.