365 (Re)Launch

published on August 26th, 2008 · more from the blog →


It's 5 to midnight and I'm still yet to take an interesting photo of the day for my 365 gallery, when I say an interesting photo, I mean it in the sense of somebody who has lived in a box for any length of time and has been oblivious to the invention of the internet, tv or any other form of mainstream entertainment would find it interesting.
You'll then see me quickly run around the house trying to find something vaguely worth taking a photo of, normally a picture of my room or an attempt to get the kids to do something random.

Luckily this doesn't happen all that often, although more often than I'd like. Back when I started my 365 Gallery in 2006 I never really expected it to last too long but over the last 18 or so months It has changed my life significantly.

So getting to the point, if there ever was a point, I'm now proud to say that the website has been relaunched and rebranded into my current website as there seems no hope of me stopping it in the forseeable future.

"Yay" I hear you all cry! but wait, there's more..

You can now add comments! Exciting stuff eh, not to mention bigger pictures, faster downloads and 24/7 access, even when I've got half a dozen torrents on the go ;-)

So please go take a look over at http://scrivna.com/365/ and while you're at it subscribe to the RSS Feed

Love you all!