365 Project at Dorkbot

published on September 30th, 2011 · more from the blog →

I was fortunate enough to be asked by Dave Chatting to speak at the East Anglia based Dorkbot event back in November 2010.

Dorkbot is a worldwide collection of people that arrange local talks about people doing weird things with electricity.

Dave had asked me to talk about the work I do on the 365 Project, my photography based daily diary project, that at the time over 20,000 people were using (now close to 70,000)

IMG_2029 on 365 Project

The Dorkbot event was held at the CSV Media Clubhouse in Ipswich, where over 50 people attended. I did a brief 20 minute talk about how I started 365 Project and where it is at now. This is my first real experience in talking to a large (ish) group of people, pretty much ever, luckily I did plenty of preparation and many people seemed interested. I was pleased to see that quite a few people had questions at the end, many about the social aspects of the site, many about the technical difficulties the site faces.

I've uploaded the slides below, although many of the numbers are out of date now. For more information on the Dorkbot Anglia events see the dorkbot anglia site.