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Recent work, curated just for you.
365 Project
A photo journal website I started. Now with over 100k members.
HTML5 Slit-Scan Camera
Use a webcam to create slit scan images. Featured on Chrome Experiments.
Interplanetary Travel Advice
Answering the age-old question: What do clocks look like on other planets?
Langton's Ants in Javascript
Follow the lives of ants in this classic Cellular Automata.
Twitter (almost) Wrote a Novel
Can an infinite number of monkeys recreate Shakespeare?
How Self-Obsessed Is Twitter?
I investigate, with a not-so-surprising outcome.


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Lets talk about me, me, me

I'm an Ipswich based geeky / arty type person. I have a background in computer programming and web development, I also do a fair bit of data analysis at a digital marketing agency. I enjoy creating unusual or novel things with code, it's my weapon of choice and how I express myself.

I'm the founder of 365project.org.

I frequent the Curiosity Collective, Dorkbot, FESuffolk, SyncIpswich and other local groups.

I enjoy a good swim, I play some squash and I would love to chat with you over a pint of real ale.

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